Friday, January 15, 2010

Nama Japam - Sandhya Namam Lyrics

Almost in all parts of Kerala and Kanyakumari district, it is a practice to worship God during the sunset and sing bhajans. It was once a mandatory ritual to recite these hymns by everyone in the family and later it got reduced to a practice that brought children and Grand Parents together. Now, they have become recorded songs of renowned singers like K.S.Chithra and others. These songs are available in market as Sandhya Vandhanam albums.

When I was a kid, after lighting the "Nila Vilakku" (Lamp). We use to sit in front of the picture and recite Sandhya Naamam. Every region of Kerala seems to have different versions of lyrics and the one I am posting is a localized version of Sandhya Vandhanam which is popular in our region. I forgot almost everything, I am sure our next generation wouldn't even be aware of the fact that they had such hymns. Nila Vilakku is replaced by artificially illuminated lamps and Gods are kept in a corner of the living room. I called up my Mother and Grand mother to refresh my memories of the religious songs and I thought I shall post them before they were drowned into the oblivion. You can recite this song as per your wish or you can sing this based on the song of Sandya Vandhanam by Chithra.

I am not sure about few words i have written and its meaning as there are no written text for these and is mainted as Vaithari (Transfered to generations just by mouth). Thanks to my Grandma and Mom who recited me the entire text. Read It Here

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Leena L. said...

Thank u Dhanesh....I was in search of it and could found the entire namam here in English....Thank u to your mom and grand ma too.